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"I began my piano lessons about five years ago at the age of eighty.  I had no previous musical training.  Carmen was my teacher and she made lesson time fun, teaching me techniques and theory along with reading the music.  Carmen is a joy to learn from.  She is patient and gifted in her teaching ability.  I even played in one of her recitals and people in the audience told me how much they enjoyed my song.  I highly recommend her."---Barbara, San Diego

"Carmen has made piano very enjoyable for my son.  He really likes her and looks forward to his piano lessons each week.  She is fun and very patient.  He has been taking lessons from her for a year now, and not only has my son been playing piano more without being told, he has learned to sight read music so much better.  Carmen takes the time to explain each lesson and makes sure the child/student understands before continuing to the next.  I am super excited to have her as my son's teacher and strongly recommend her."---Connie, El Centro

" My daughter, Rylee, began taking lessons with Carmen at age 7.  In a short period of time she was able to play simple tunes and had a firm understanding in reading music and understanding the theory that goes with it.  Within 4 months of her first lesson Rylee was playing "A Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid and was also able to compose her own song.  Rylee had 3 solid years of lessons and participated in several recitals.

Carmen teaches at each individual student's pace.  She has great patience and understanding for the needs of her students, but she also pushes in a positive way to move forward in learning.

She incorporates the actual theory of music so students are not just learning to play an instrument, they are learning music as art, history and even mathematics.  Of course, they may not realize they are learning these things, as Carmen makes the lessons fun and entertaining.  

Any student taking lessons with Carmen will gain a better understanding of music, as well as the instrument."---Tina, San Diego

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